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salesforce consulting

LUM.NET is a leading provider in Salesforce Consulting for both Services & Development. We proudly serve Global Oil, Gas and Energy sectors. Our clients receive unmatched quality and assitance with cutting edge services and development for their niche and specialty.

LUM.NET aims to ensure client satisfaction by conceptualizing and cultivating innovative and efficient processes for accelerating your brand’s needs and goals.

  • Our Salesforce consulting team is both certified and skilled; we’ll guide you through each phase every step of the way
  • Our veteran Salesforce team is experienced in Sales Cloud as well as Service Cloud
  • LUM.NET has a history of developing Custom Salesforce Applications that interface seamlessly with your brand

LUM.NET’S Consulting service will help guide your teams Sales, Technology, Marketing and Customer Care teams to success.  Our Salesforce consulting team will help your brand actualize a functional technological solution that will scale with you as your business grows.


LUM.NET offers a full scale Salesforce Consulting Service with  cloud innovation that includes the development of applications, collaborative cloud application as well as supportive cloud implementations for your business’ end-users.


The LUM.NET consulting team utilizes our platform knowledge as well as technilogical experience in the development of functional applications for companies large and small to deploy onto the AppExchange®.


LUM.NET offers specialized integration of your business’s existing system and processes into a centralised and accessible platform. With LUM.NET’S Salesforce® solutions you can streamline your processes thereby cutting your costs and promoting optimal efficiency.