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With just ⅕ the search traffic of MT, Rock & Dirt and the others on this list are certainly a big step down in our evaluation but still a worthy site to list industrial equipment, especially for construction and agricultural markets.  R&D is ranking for nearly 80% of MT’s total keywords but the rankings seemingly aren’t high enough to get the clicks.  Many of the websites leading traffic earners are keywords ranking 5th or higher including, here we go again, “skid steer for sale” at #11 which isn’t even on the first page in Google.  It’s not for lack of effort, R&D does have backlinks from 610 domains which is 3rd on our list.  R&D is spending approximately $4k per month on paid search clicks (74 cents per click) which is an amount I tend to think R&D could increase considering their listing revenues likely can afford it and their customers should expect it.

Reviewing R&D’s trending online, the site clearly got punished by a Google algorithmic change (or perhaps even a penalty) in August 2012 when the site went into a 12-month rapid decline.  But since early 2014 R&D seems to have taken care of those issues and has steady, though flat, search engine traffic.



Branded keywords lead the traffic for R&D, but the site seems to do fairly well for those wanting to sell dump trucks or excavators.  Oddly, R&D ranks 4th for “brookside equipment”, a John Deere dealer in my hometown of Houston, Texas.  Certainly the amount of John Deere Green for sale on the R&D site factors into a ranking competition among John Deere dealerships.

ORGANIC – Top 10 keywords by % of traffic
Rock & Dirt Position Traffic(%)
rock & dirt 1 9.62
dump trucks for sale 7 1.31
rock & dirt 1 0.86
peterbilt 379 7 0.66
skid steer for sale 11 0.56
f650 for sale 5 0.49
dump truck for sale 8 0.48
rockanddirt 1 0.46
mini excavator for sale 5 0.4
brockside equipment 4 0.4


Similarly with organic search, dump trucks bring in the largest share of paid search traffic.  The second and third keywords are broad industry searches but clearly working out for them by bringing in 7% of the traffic for “used equipment” and “heavy equipment”.  With 40% of the top traffic from keywords for John Deere equipment for sale, R&D clearly has a brand specialty.

PAID – Top 10 keywords by % of traffic
Rock & Dirt Position Traffic(%)
dump trucks 1 10.98
used equipment 1 3.96
heavy equipment 2 3.01
john deere 750 1 2.65
john deere 650 1 2.65
bulldozer for sale 1 2.65
john deere backhoe 1 2.65
john deere 850 1 2.65
bulldozers 1 2.65
tri axle dump truck 1 2.16

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