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SEO Practice is Constantly Changing

SEO is not a cut-and-dried implementation. Because search engines such as Google are constantly changing their rules and practices for several reasons, you SEO must keep up with changing circumstances to compete. Reasons that rules change include the need to stay ahead of search engine gamers and scammers, and the technology developments that give search engines improved capabilities to respond to search queries. Whether you provide the ongoing support internally or use our ongoing SEO Support, you will need to consistently update and manage your SEO.

What Used to White Hat May Now Be Gray or Black Hat

Because of need to stay ahead of malicious attempts to “beat the system,” search engines need to make changes when specific techniques are found to be used primarily by scammers. Other practices lose validity or are no longer needed as technology improves. Therefore, practices that even just a few years ago were considered “white hat” or above reproach, may no longer be accepted and can cause your site to be dinged or penalized by Google. These penalties can cause a large drop in traffic.

Ongoing SEO audits to eliminate gray or black hat practices, obsolete coding and links to sites that have been deemed black hat or malicious by Google are necessary to keep your SEO maximized. Many small companies need an outside professional SEO service to stay up-to-date with these issues.

Ongoing SEO Support Can Include:
  • Monthly reports monitoring your ongoing SEO with a focus of keeping on track to goals
  • Phone or chat on specific projects or answering questions that arise
  • In-depth look at any warnings from search engines before they become penalties
  • Help with any penalties accrued from lack of knowledge or oversight
  • Mini-audits of specific pages or categories on a site
  • Education of best practices for future SEO projects
  • Planning or tweaking current SEO plans