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Though ranking for a decent amount of keywords (49,800) and a hefty supply of backlinks (185,000), Mascus’ website is not bringing in near the search traffic that one might expect.  The low average position for those keywords is likely factoring heavily into the lack of visitors from search engines.  Mascus position average for its top 100 traffic producing keywords is 7.19.  Some onpage content creation around those top producers might increase the overall rankings and help drive in more clicks.  While the backlink numbers are high, most of these are from sister sites throughout the world such as in Spain with  Google likely is aware that these are sister sites and not factoring them in the rankings. However, the backlinks are certainly valuable to Mascus clients for referral visits from leads outside the USA.  Mascus has completely punted on paid search with zero spend on it.

Looking at the all-time search traffic trend, Mascus was certainly hit hard in early 2011 and has only barely recovered from it.  With so many backlinks it’s quite possible some are considered “toxic” and Mascus may be prudent in conducting a backlink audit and if any found, then work on removing or disavowing them from those toxic domains.



Mascus’ leading traffic generator is from the Mercedes work truck “unimog for sale” while the site also has good traffic for those searching for a dump truck for sale.  Excavators and backhoes for sale bring in some decent traffic as well even though those keywords for Mascus barely make it on the first page of Google search with the 10th positions.  There is no Top 10 Paid chart below as Mascus does not advertise with paid search.

ORGANIC – Top 10 keywords by % of traffic
Mascus Position Traffic(%)
unimog for sale 4 4.02
dump trucks for sale 10 3.85
mascus 1 1.96
lamborghini tractor 7 1.87
dump truck for sale 10 1.4
backhoe for sale 10 1.15
ford tractors for sale 4 0.94
mini excavator for sale 8 0.93
used dump trucks for sale 8 0.76
excavator for sale 10 0.76