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Though second in total traffic, MT comes in third in our rankings behind Fastline due to a paid search budget ⅔ less than Fastline, ⅓ less keywords ranking, and about ½ as many backlinks.  No slouch in the online equipment trading industry, MT’s third place ranking is solid and deserving nonetheless.  Machinery Trader is second on this list in terms of paid search spend which indicates they are doing a good job of putting its subscribers funds to work at about $1.23 per click.  MT would, however, have to increase the AdWords budget to a hefty $300k per month to double total traffic. MT is among the laggards with only 6200 backlinks but the link to unique domain ratio is good at 10 to 1 (620 domains).


As we saw with Fastline’s analysis, MT is positioned # for “skid steer for sale”.  But that same keyword also drives in the most traffic among the non-branded keywords.  Most of the keyword traffic is spread well among the 58,200 keywords that MT ranks for.

ORGANIC – Top 10 keywords by % of traffic
Machinery Trader Position Traffic(%)
machinery trader 1 23.79
machinerytrader 1 1.41
skid steer for sale 1 1.24
mini excavator for sale 1 0.83
logging equipment 1 0.68
excavator for sale 1 0.68
machine trader 1 0.61
tractorhouse 10 0.59
wood chipper for sale 1 0.54
heavy equipment for sale 1 0.54



Not only is MT paying for over 5% of its traffic from existing customers, they are also grabbing a hefty portion, it seems, from ETO with 7% of the paid search traffic coming from the keyword “equipment trader”.  While I generally don’t recommend paying for branded keywords, in this case it seems to be paying off at least for the “equipment trader” keyword.

PAID – Top 10 keywords by % of traffic
Machinery Trader Position Traffic(%)
equipment trader 3 7.09
machinerytrader 4 4.15
excavator for sale 3.4
heavy equipment for sale 2 2.74
cat excavator 2 2.25
dozers for sale 3 1.79
used skid steer 5 1.79
machine trader 4 1.79
skid steers for sale 3 0.4
excavators for sale 1 1.51

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