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A Legitimate B2b Seo Agency


The world of SEO can be pretty funny sometimes. Think about it – how can every internet marketer on the planet promise each of their clients the first 10 ranks of Google’s search results? Simple answer – some of them can deliver on the promise while most will only end up wasting your time and money. So, all your plans of searching for a legitimate B2B SEO agency by running a simple online search are simply inadequate. Every service provider you find on the web will have the same thing to say – that they are the best, they are the most experienced, and that they will get you to rank in top 10 of Google’s Rankings.

Reality: looking for legitimate SEO service providers needs a craftier approach than running a simple online search. And to help you understand how you can hire a B2B SEO agency worth their salt, Lum.net has put together this neat little guide that lists out all you need to know for making this critical decision for your business. So here goes:

Step#1: Know your goals

Have a sit-down-chat with your team and establish the exact goals that you wish to achieve for your business through SEO. Improving revenue through online sources, generating more traffic in specific niches, increasing sign-ups, enhancing brand awareness or boosting market sentiments – your objectives can be anything here and a clear idea of what you want will help ensure that you find a B2B SEO agency that are specialists in that specific field. But remember – if you are just after traffic for the sake of it, or maybe looking to boost vanity metrics like Google PageRank or Majestic trust flow, SEO will not reap any concrete benefits for your business.

Step#2: Find agencies

This is where our crafty suggestions come in. We already told you that Google search isn’t the best way to find credible and legitimate agencies. Add those Top 10 lists and SEO award websites to the list as well – most of these listings often run on pay-to-play schemes. Instead, seek references from your friends, associates and professional acquaintances of any SEO agency they might have worked with. You can also seek recommendations from non-competitive businesses similar to yours. Remember, the best SEO professionals don’t always need to market their services – their work itself is enough of an advertisement. Trusting word-of-mouth channels and direct recommendations is the best strategy here.

Step#3: Select the best fit

With the names of 3-5 agencies in your hand, begin evaluations and assess their suitability to your business systems. Look at the SEO strategies and processes they follow to achieve client rankings. Examine their results analysis metrics to understand how they define success with client campaigns. Their communication consistency and transparency is also an important factor to consider. Also remember to look at their proposed Plan B when the agency’s initial modus operandi doesn’t reap the expected results.

Finally, trust your instincts. If you walk away from an SEO agency feeling a little frustrated, even if they check out on all the above listed factors, choose not to work with them. Maybe it’s a cultural mismatch that is giving you a bad feeling about the firm.

Hope our guide helps you in your hiring process. All the best!

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