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A B2B marketing SEO plan will set
the foundation for your lead generation

Before you get started on your SEO, it is important to sit down and strategically plan out your goals, timeline and campaigns for the period, usually six months to one year. Part of the SEO planning will be ongoing management of your website and content marketing. SEO planning can be intimidating especially if you have not worked with it before. However, experienced SEOs can discuss your strategic plan in a manner that will be clear for your marketing team. By working to stay updated on all current SEO trends, you can see definitive results in your website traffic and bottom line ROI from your B2B marketing plan.


A well-thought out B2B Internet marketing plan includes an integrated SEO strategy

In the initial meeting, all areas of b2b online marketing SEO Houston are discussed as well as how SEO can be integrated with your other marketing strategies. Like the outline for a research paper or book, the initial SEO Strategic Planning will lay the framework for your SEO implementation. A plan generally includes several different implementations which include:

  • Review and repair of any website technical issues
  • Review to ensure that the website is user-friendly and easy to navigate for visitors
  • Examination of current SEO techniques
  • Review of current keyword strategy, and new keyword research
  • Review of current content optimization, and recommendations for any changes needed
  • Discussion of a content marketing plan
  • Review of SERP placement for your primary keywords
  • Website content audit


Benefits of well-planned strategy for B2B Marketing SEO Houston

While you can learn SEO techniques on your own, it is tough to keep up with the constant changes in the search engine requirements if you are not a professional SEO. You will also get better results from a strategic long-term plan, than you will from applying what you learn here and there when you have time. SEO takes time to get recognized by the search engine spiders, which only may crawl your website every few weeks.

Technology allows for measurable results through various analytics and tracking programs. You can see the results of your plan each month and determine if you are getting the ROI that you need to meet your goals.

Strategies are customized for each company depending on your SEO budget, industry and competition. In some cases, your locale may also come into play during SEO planning. Check how SEO is different for B2B SEO agencies or companies here.


An Initial SEO Strategic Plan Includes:

  • Step-by-step outlines, prioritizing your business goals
  • Plans for implementing initiatives in order of importance
  • Content optimization via keyword strategies
  • Content marketing via blogging and publishing strategies
  • Local SEO if relevant
  • Social media marketing strategies
  • A recommended timeline for you to follow for implementation