Google's Constantly Changed Rules for B2B SEO Services
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Google's Constantly Changing Rules

Google’s Constantly Changed Rules for B2B SEO Services

Agencies try out many methods to take their clients to the top of the SERPs. This involves both black hat and white hat methods of SEO. Regardless of the results, it is important to understand that what is banned and prohibited should be avoided. It is better to be compliant and play long, rather than a successful run that dies out quicker than expected. As browsers hold the key to search results, it is advisable to play by the rules. As one of the leading and successful providers of SEO B2B services, we at stick to the rules, some of which are listed below.

Stay away from hidden texts and links

One of the most practiced and abused methods are the hiding of texts and links behind camouflaged content or visuals. While it used to be a preferred method among black hat agencies, the trick can lead to repercussions when discovered. And it does not pay to be on the wrong side of the browsers, regardless of the fact that it may result in a warning or an admonition only. We, at make it a point to stick to the best white hat practices making us one of the most reliable providers of SEO B2B services.

Avoid manipulative doorway pages

Doorway pages are often chosen as a method to manipulate search engines in a manner that brings users to a desired location. This is often executed by manipulating content to feature particular phrases and then pulling off a redirection that will take the user to the desired page which would actually be something totally different from what he or she intended to see. Attempting to be an affiliate should stem from a desire to offer value and not to exploit and take advantage of redirecting.

Never stuff or cram keywords in content

Keywords stuffing or cramming that does not flow with the content on the page will also suffer the fate of wrong SEO practices. The blow is manifold, including the effect it would leave on the visitor. The content may pass muster for machines, but the ultimate end user is actually a human and not a bot. A human would find keyword stuffed content with poor or no flow to be an ultimate turn off, taking him or her away from the site.

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