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A former customer of ETO, I was both surprised but pleased with their results. ETO is leading the pack thanks to their organic presence while only dabbling with paid search.  My surprise is not in that ETO has a successful presence as I know the company understands the Internet well and they work hard to be successful for their customers.  What caught my attention is that they are doing it with barely any budget on paid search. Their dominating the organic search results compared to these other sites.  ETO brings in a whopping 343k visits per month from Google (et.al) vs only 982 per month from paid search.  They aren’t quite punting on paid search considering they are spending approximately $1600 per month on paid clicks, but they want to consider punting it while they have such great presence in free organic search.  And since ETO would have to pay nearly a half million bucks in AdWords to double their total traffic, I can certainly see how that’s a non-starter.

Looking at the growth trends, clearly ETO figured search out in 2013 and never looked back.

Equipement Traderonline


While not unexpectedly, ETO’s branded search term is its most popular keyword.  Often existing customers type in the company name in Google search to easily find the website.  But those are already existing customers.  More interesting are the non-branded keywords.  Ranking for over 100k keywords per month, ETO doesn’t rely on a small group of a certain category. Rather, no particular keyword brings in more than 1.1.% of the traffic. To me, the diverse keyword reach shows how well ETO brings traffic for a so many different kinds of industrial equipment in many varied market segments.

ORGANIC – Top 10 keywords by % of traffic
EquipmentTraderOnline Position Traffic(%)
equipment trader 1 6.3
cargo trailers for sale 1 1.1
bobcat for sale 1 1.1
dump trailors for sale 1 1.1
storage containers for sale 1 0.73
backhoe for sale 1 0.73
dump trucks for sale 2 0.68
john deere tractors for sale 1 0.6
forklift for sale 1 0.6
ford tractors 1 0.6


Not much to say about the paid search as it’s clearly not a major focus for ETO.  But, interestingly, “snow blower” was the leading traffic supplier from paid search during my research. I have spoken to ETO since then and confirmed this was a mere anomaly, a blip.  Looking today (late October), I don’t even see snow blower in the top 100 for them.  “Used equipment” is currently the new leader in paid search traffic for ETO.

PAID – Top 10 keywords by % of traffic
EquipmentTraderOnline Position Traffic(%)
wood chipper rental 1 25.76
snow removal equipment 1 13.84
mini excavator 5 4.98
tractor for sale 4 4.68
aluminum utility trailers 1 4.17
john deere trailer 1 4.17
excavator rental 2 3.76
equipment trader online 1 3.36
bigdog mowers 1 2.74
heavy equipment rental 3 2.64

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