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Blog for the internet strategies and internet service for industrial products companies. Strategies and services include SEO, search engine optimization, responsive websites, mobile websites. We have Houston SEO and national SEO clients.
Industrial SEO, internet strategies, industrial products websites, lead generation
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Finding a Good SEO Company in Houston

Search engine optimization is a three-dimensional process. The primary task is web page optimization that deals with insertion and usage of keywords. Second, comes the link building, i.e. insertion of inbound and outbound links to the page. The last one is to formulate a structure...

SEO Strategies Critical to B2B Marketing

Studies have proved that poor SEO practices lead to a decline in a company’s B2B sales. As such, companies need to develop significant SEO strategies that help them achieve scale and growth. Unfortunately, most firms miss out either on branding of their products on their B2B...

An Introduction to Web Lead Management

Generating Internet leads is a web-based advertising process that is done by seeding the USP (unique selling proposition) of the service in the minds of people and converting them into potential customers. Lead generation is done to make people interested in your line of products...

Know More about Online B2B Marketing

B2B marketing refers to the concept of one business marketing its products and services to another business and not to the end-consumer. Unlike retail marketing that targets individuals, B2B marketing targets businesses and corporate clients. The online form of B2B marketing is a way to...